Capitol Inspiration: Bree & Brian’s Dreamy Washington DC Engagement

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  • February 15, 2013

I mean, seriously, how could I resist an engagement session from a bride to be that shares my name AND shares the same proposal location as me!? (I mean, this is just getting creepy… ;)

Another Friday is upon us, and with that, another wedding inspiration feature. Today’s Capitol Inspiration post features Brian & Bree, captured by Brandon Lata.

Have a happy weekend Romancers!

Bree & Brian’s Washington DC Engagement Pictures

How They Met

Bree moved to DC about a year after Brian, already knowing many of his friends. The first three times they met, however, at least one of them doesn’t remember. That changed one spring afternoon when a mutual friend hosting a cookout promised them both the last piece of chicken. Bree arrived first and sat down with the plate on her lap. When Brian showed up a few minutes later and discovered her with what he believed was his dinner, he grabbed a fork and pulled up a chair.

Sparks flew as they sat knee-to-knee, and Brian spent the next few months trying to convince Bree to go out with him. She eventually agreed and has barely let him out of her sight since. While both still claim the entire piece of chicken was rightfully theirs, they’re also very happy to have shared it!

Click inside for the rest of this adorable Washington, DC engagement ~ including their shots over at the Arboretum & the proposal story!

The Proposal

Bree and Brian shared their first kiss after attending the 2009 Taste of the South ball with friends. The ball became an annual event for them, and three years later Brian knew it would be the perfect night to pop the question. Since the Lincoln Memorial is Bree’s favorite spot in DC, he enlisted a friend to suggest they stop there to take pictures before continuing on to the party.

When their turn came for pictures, Brian dropped to one knee, professed his love, and asked Bree to marry him. As the tourists heads began to turn, she said, “Stop it, this isn’t funny!” The ring was clutched so tightly in Brian’s hand that she couldn’t see it and thought he was playing a joke for the camera! He asked again, and she responded, “Are you serious? Is this for real?” Obviously, this was not going how Brian had planned.

“This is serious. What’s your answer?” he asked a third time. “Obvi!!” she shouted as his words sank in. When the ring went on her finger, the crowd erupted in applause. After a few phone calls to family and some hearty congratulations from the tourists, the engaged couple went on the ball to celebrate with friends.

Congratulations Brian & Bree! thank you for sharing your beautiful DC engagement with us! A special thanks again to Brandon Lata Photography for sharing his images.

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