DIY Tutorial: How to Make a No-sew Ruffled Tree Skirt

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  • December 07, 2011

Happy DIY Wednesday, on this horribly rainy day! Seriously, days like this should be auto-PTO for everyone. Anyway, as promised, I will be sharing my own DIY tutorial today – something I actually made from Pinterest!

DIY No-sew Ruffled Tree Skirt Tutorial


– 5 X 5 Canvas Drop Cloth

– 3-5 Yards of Fabric [Depends on how many ruffles you make … I only did 3 ruffles and I used anoter canvas drop cloth as my ‘fabric choice’ since I wanted a neutral, sturdier, almost burlap-like skirt]

– LOTS of hot glue & a hot glue gun

– Ribbon

– Sturdy scissors

Tutorial Instructions:

I started out using this DIY No-sew Ruffled Tree Skirt tutorial [via My Crazy Life blog]. The tutorial said it took her 5 hours to make – and I scoffed. 5 hours? No way … but boy was I wrong :)

The first few steps were taken right from the tutorial:

1. Start out by making sure the canvas is square by folding into even quarters.

2. Then fold the square one more time into a triangle to cut the canvas into a circle. [I totally eye-balled this … the first time I didn’t cut it small enough, so I re-folded and cut it again, I also roughly measured the diameter of my tree stand/stump to guestimate the circle needed for the center circle of the skirt]

3. Then cut a straight line from the edge of the tree skirt to the center circle, so that you can get the skirt around your tree!

*For the rest of this DIY No-sew Ruffled Tree Skirt tutorial – please click inside to read more!!*

4. To make a fastener, I used two small slits and tied a ribbon strip in each slit at the top and base of the skirt. Then tie the ribbon into a bow to close the skirt.

5. Now comes the fun part – making the ruffles. First cut your fabric of choice into 2-3 inch wide strips.

6. Fire up the hot glue gun, and get ruffling – this is where the time consumption comes into play. It is pretty tedious having to hot clue each ruffle. Especially for me because the canvas I used as my fabric was so thick!

7. I quickly decided after round-1 of ruffles [and just over an hour later], that I wasn’t going to do an entirely ruffled skirt – so I just did three layers of ruffles, and then decided to finish the center cut and the ruffles by using the hem from the canvas. I cut the hem off and then hot glued it around the top hole.

8. And then I did the same thing with the hem along the top of the third ruffle. Finally, just about 4 hours or so later, I finished my version of a DIY No-sew Ruffled Tree Skirt:

**So, 4 hours and a few hot glue fun burns, I finished – what do you think?!**


Feel free to share your DIY tree skirt, or DIY christmas projects with me – or on our Facebook page!

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