Abby & Adam’s Washington DC Engagement Session

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  • October 10, 2011

I am really excited to share today’s real Washington, DC engagement session. One because the couple and photographer are insanely nice, two because their shoot perfectly fits my blog, and three because this is one of the first features where I am sharing an actual reader/follower of my blog’s pictures!!

A few weeks ago, Abby reached out to me, asking if I had any ideas on inside locations for her upcoming Washington, DC engagement shoot, as the weather [of course] called for rain. I was thrilled to be able to help, and I am ALWAYS super excited [like, probably TOO excited] when DC area couples, that are actually planning their wedding, email me/tell me how they like my blog.

Lucky for Abby & Adam, it didn’t end up raining … and lucky for me, I now get to share their gorgeous engagement session [and beautiful love story] on the blog today courtesy of Lumen Photography.

Abby, Adam & their adorable Washington, DC engagement session!

Meet Abby & Adam [from the bride-to-be herself!]:

How we met: It took Adam about a week to find me when I moved to DC in 2009, and about a month before we were officially together. On a whim, my roommate and I had talked to his roommate (they all knew each other) and headed over to his house to hang out that night. I was convinced that Adam had been flirting with my roommate all night, and not me, but despite that when we left I declared, “he’s hilarious AND he’s cute!” The next night when I was out with new school friends, I received text after text from my roommate, each suggesting “Adam will be here” or “Where are you going? We’ll bring Adam!” I got the hint and found a way to connect. Just days later, on September 24, we became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Two years later, on that same September 24, we took our engagement photos.

^Ok I am already cheesing hard from the adorableness of this “how we met” story … I doubt I can make it through this whole post without my cheeks hurting.

 I don’t always love the dip/kiss shot, as I usually think it is too posed/cheesey – this one however, totally looks like Adam just cannot help himself and loves Abby so much that it forces her to lean back from the power of his kiss. Now that is how the dip/kiss should look.

Yes! love this urban shot of Abby & Adam on the streets of DC. Great shot Evan!

Click inside to see the rest of this adorable, Washington DC engagement session & read Adam’s awesome proposal to Abby on an airplane!

And now for the amazing proposal story!

Adam proposed to me on an airplane – yep, an airplane – up the sky, somewhere between here and Dallas.  I knew the summer was the sort of designated time that we thought we’d be ready for this step, and, admittedly,  I knew that there were a few opportunities that might be nice for him to propose. We were on our way to wine country in California to attend a fundraiser with his family and just a few weeks later, we would head to Missouri to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday. All great times to propose, right?

So, while I knew it might be coming, I never guessed how soon! Adam and I were on the first leg of our flight to California, toward our layover in Dallas. We’d actually been assigned seats apart from one another, but he had the person next to him swap, so I headed to the back of the plane. On the way back, it did seem a little strange when the flight attendant let out a little “Yay!” as I walked back to Adam. I mean, I love him, but sitting separately on a plane for a few hours isn’t the end of the world, right?


So I sat down and the plane took off. Just after the “fasten seatbelt” sign went off, Adam got up, supposedly to head to the bathroom. As he did, I remember trying to keep his attention to say, “Okay, but when you get back I really want to tell you about this article in Newsweek.”

In true DC fashion, I continued rambling thoughts on the politician I was reading about, until I looked up. Adam was still standing there and had a goofy look on his face, and suddenly that article I was reading seemed pretty inconsequential.

The next words out of my mouth were, “what are you doing?” then I think came “oh my gosh, now?”


 After some brief beautiful words, there it was – Adam got down on one knee in the aisle and asked me to marry him. I said yes, and the flight attendant took our photos, gave us some free champagne, and even her own chocolate bar to help us celebrate.


Now, Adam threatens to propose publicly every time we fly. With family in Missouri and Los Angeles, we have a lot of flights coming up so don’t be surprised if on your next flight you see a happy couple on board, celebrating their mid-flight engagement. That’s probably us!

Haha! I love that Adam threatens to propose on airplanes all the time now. Cracks me up!


 An awesome Washington, DC save the date idea!


 Adam might hate me for including this next one ~ but OMG I love when couples let loose & have fun … especially in their engagement sessions. 

Oooooh I realllllly love this shot by Lumen Photography ~ really artsy. I would hang this up in my store if I owned one [is that weird? sorry]

Congratulations Abby & Adam! I cannot wait to see your wedding pictures!! A special thanks again to Evan of Lumen Photography for sharing his beautiful Washington, DC engagement session images with us!

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