Kathryne & Nelson’s Night Time Engagement in Washington, DC

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  • August 01, 2011

This Monday’s Washington DC engagement session comes to us again from the awesome Zareth of ZADesignz (courtesy of Two Bright Lights).

Meet Kathryne & Nelson ~ a gorgeous couple, surviving a long distance (New York to Washington, DC) relationship! Though the couple is set to get married in Maryland in October, they decided to have a gorgeous, city engagement session in Washington, DC.

Kathryne shares a bit about her and Nelson:

The first time my fiance and I laid eyes on each other was through a picture. Thanks to the social media world we live in, picture sharing between friends and mutual friends is common. And that’s what happened in our case. I saw a picture of Nelson in an album of one of our mutual friends, and that same friend showed Nelson a picture of me. We both love talking about how we each felt when we saw each other in our respective pictures. In so many words, we both said WOW that’s what I have been looking for! It was an instant physical attraction, and through some time and with a growing friendship we quickly saw how the chemistry was way more than just skin deep!

Falling in love with one another was the easy part! But being together was unbearably difficult! Nelson lives in DC and I live in NY, distance was never our friend. Not to mention the fact that my daddy was NOT happy to see his little girl fall in love so deeply, for a man he really didn’t know. Despite the distance, despite the lonely nights away from each other, and despite all of the family pressures, our love grew stronger and stronger! There were so many times where eloping and living happily married together sounded right and perfect, but Nelson having the integrity and strength he does wouldn’t allow that. His mission was to win over my dad and all those who love and protect me so much. And that he did! After three years of fighting for our love, he asked my father permission to ask for my hand in marriage.

seriously, how gorgeous are Kathryne & Nelson? just stunning!

love this shot!

Click inside for the rest of thisĀ  gorgeous nighttime Washington DC engagement session in Georgetown!

Kathryne shares a bit more about how Nelson proposed!

We both knew that the time was right. Both of our families adored us, and were genuinely happy to see us in love and elated. So on March 12th, 2011 my boyfriend that I love so much, asked me to become his forever. After waiting for this moment for so long I was in disbelief to have been caught completely by surprise. That day I thought he was home in DC! So to see him standing in Brooklyn in the entrance of a park where my daddy had taken me many times, and where Nelson and I had spent a whole summer day together at, was what I least expected. Right there nestled in between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, overlooking the water and all of Manhattan lit up, I saw a circle of candles set up on the floor. Once both of us where standing in the middle, my tears poured out as my love went down on one knee and asked that oh so beautiful question….”Will you marry me?”!

And now on October 2nd both him and I will be saying “Yes, I DO”! Through it all, true love always endures.


this shot is so cool!

Awesome ring shot – love the contrast between this beautiful, sparkling diamond ring, on an old, rod-iron city fixture.


Love how the purple of the flower pops in the next shot!

Gorgeous! Such a cool/different perspective for the shoot at night.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again .. natural laughter makes some of the BEST pictures. Guaranteed to make the viewers smile.

Congratulations Kathryne & Nelson!! Best of luck with the rest of your wedding planning! Thank you again for sharing your love story with us. A special thanks to Zareth of ZADesignz & Two Bright Lights for making this feature possible!

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